Research & Development

From recipe conceptualization to recipe formation, Bombaywalla Foods has onboarded visionary, experienced, and passionate culinary professionals from the food industry who relentlessly explore new ideas that can be launched in the market. We also collaborate with international entities to add further variety and innovativeness to our product portfolio. Along with this, we continuously endeavor towards developing advanced technology and better food processes to further enhance product quality.


The backbone and strength of our streamlined and consistent operations is our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. Having acquired global level certifications such as FSSAI, ISO 22000:2005, USFD, BRC, HACCP, WHO-GMP & HALAL. Our manufacturing unit is the epitome of automation where the majority of the processes are concluded sans human touch. It is equipped with imported machinery such as the automatic samosa maker, paratha line as well as a traditional clay oven/tandoor. Our plant has a 3000-ton production capacity per annum. We also have a cold storage facility with a combined capacity of 1000-ton, backed by an independent power system.

The fascinating attribute that makes our ready-to-eat products absolutely healthy, nutritious, and safe to consume is the Blast freezing & IQF technology, using which the products are stored at a temperature as low as –18° C. Vegetables and fruits are individually frozen right after their harvest which prevents the loss of vitamins, Nutrients & Natural Fibers. Right from the procurement of raw materials, preparation, and storage to reaching the end customer, we make sure that the product maintains a certain temperature which leads to better preservation and extended product life.